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Spottedear lay stretched out atop the High Rock thinking about the battle she and her fellow rouges had won. A low growl emitted from her throat at the remembrance of Kerli taking Featherstar's life when it should have been herself doing it. The tan and white shecat surveyed her old camp. She stood up and stretched out and jumped down from her perch when she spotted Rubystreak. A sly grin spread across her muzzle. Spottedear walked up to the Warrior.
"Hello Rubystreak." She said with a silky purr.
The other shecat looked at her a little apprehensively. "Hello Spottedear.."
The new leader of Cloudclan circled the Warrior. "How are you today?" She asked eyeing Rubystreak's right ear and left eye. "Feeling comfortable with our new arrangements?"
"As comfortable as you fleabags- I mean yes, Spottedear, I am." She answered trying to keep herself from attacking the traitor.
Spottedear purred again. "Good. Carry on." She said dismissively and walked away herself. Why did I not clip her ear or slice her eye? She hissed inwardly to herself. Her vibrant green eyes landed on the sister apprentices. An evil grin swept her face again.
Whitepaw and Firepaw cowered close to the Nursery brooding the death of kind Goldstripe, their foster mother. Autumnkit and Mousekit's mother. The two kits were with them weeping softly. It had been days since the battle and the poor Queen's death, but it still hit them all hard.
Spottedear made her way over to the small family. "Hello little kittens." She purred.
Whitepaw's blue eyes flashed at the rouge. They were full of rage now. "What is it you want beast?" She hissed. The apprentice did not fear her former Clanmate.
The tan and white shecat narrowed her eyes. "You dare speak to your leader that way?" She hissed warningly.
"Featherstar is my leader!" The white shecat yowled. This brought watching eyes. Many Warriors stopped to watch the brave apprentice stand up for herself, Featherstar, and her Clan. "You are nothing but an intruder and traitor!"
"Silence your words!"
"You have no author-" Whitepaw's words were cut off when Spottedear's claws raked her face.
"I told you to stop talking." She said calmly as she looked down at the apprentice lying in her own blood now. Firepaw gasped and knelt by her sister.
"How could you?" The orange cat asked with horror. Her sister whiped the blood from her own face with her paw.
Her blue eyes filled with fire. "Leave it to me, Firepaw." She said angrily.
Spottedear laughed harshly. "Go back to your whimpering." With that she walked off and slipped into the leader's den, her den.


Whitepaw hissed. "Leave coward!" She spat quietly after the rouge.
"Calm down, sister!" Firepaw urged her. "Let's take you to Fawnsong." She said looking worriedly at the three scars running down her sister's face.
Autumnkit looked up too. "For us, Whitepaw. For Goldstripe." She said weakly.
Whitepaw looked down at the small kit now without a mother. "How is me going to the med cat for Goldstripe? If I was to do something for would be to kill Spottedear! Kill all those nasty rouges!" She spat angrily.
Autumnkit and Mousekit cowered into each other. "You are scaring us..." Mousekit squeaked.
The white apprentice's expression softened and she bent down to nuzzle the two. A little blood was left on their fur from her wounds. "I'm sorry. I'll go see Fawnsong and Crescentpaw now." She replied.
Firepaw smiled proudly at her sister. "I'll come with-"
"No, stay here with them."
Whitepaw gave her sister a harsh look and it silenced her.


Whitepaw winced as Fawnsong dabbed her face with moss drenched with water. "Ow!" She whimpered.
The medicine cat gave an apologetic look. "Crescentpaw, get me some cob webs."
The med cat apprentice nodded. The small grey shecat bounded over to their pile of herbs only to frown at the lack of herbs. She grumbled something about Spottedear forcing her and her mentor to heal her and her the other rouges that had "joined" Cloudclan. She brought back to Fawnsong what little cob webs they had left. "Here you go." She said quietly.
The medicine cat nodded grateful. She placed them across Whitepaw's face. "I wanted you stay here a little while. So I can keep an eye on those wounds."
The apprentice reluctantly nodded. "Yes, Fawnsong.." She said.


Dirtpelt sat huddled in a corner of camp keeping a close eye on his new leader. He watched the shecat speak to Rubystreak. Attack Whitepaw. Retreat to the leader's den. His muzzle wrinkled with disgust. Of course he had once been a rouge, but he had changed. For the better he might add. He had met Fawnsong. As much as the Warrior Code said the two could never be, he still loved her. He couldn't sit by and just watch the tyrants, the rouges, take over and torture the three Clans. The brown and black pelted tom stalked over to the leader's den. He marched in not stopping to ask permission. He need not to since she was not Featherstar. She was not accepted by Starclan.
"You dare march in her like you are the leader?" Spottedear hissed.
"And you are?" Dirtpelt retorted.
The tan and white shecat rolled her eyes. "Yes, I am. Kerli gave me control of this Clan." She spat back.
The hair at the tom's shoulders rose. "Being leader doesn't allow you to harm your Clanmates then." He scoffed.
The shecat stood up fluffing out her fur to make her seem larger. "Get out." She warned. "Go see if that little weakling is fine if you wish."
"No. I'm just fine right here." Dirtpelt said sitting down.
Spottedear growled. She smirked thinking to take this opportunity to get at least one of them on her side. She walked over to him. She began to circle him allowing her tail to trail over his muscular body. "Now now Dirtpelt. Why can't we be friends?" She stopped at his right ear. "Or more." She whispered.
The tom froze and hissed. "In your dreams!"
She narrowed her eyes. "I know things on all of you. I know you love that fleabag Fawnsong."
Dirtpelt swallowed hard. "That's..not true." He said his voice cracking.
Spottedear smirked. "Isn't it though?"
Long story is long.

Thought the group could use a little long story.

So this is basically different looks on new Cloudclan life.

Whew! This took a while!

All characters to their rightful owners.
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